Course Map


5K Course Map

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Course Description

The start of the race takes place by Watkins Hall and the Rivera Library Lawn. The course will be marked throughout the campus and a lead biker will be in front. There will be two water stations on the course. The first water station will be towards the end of Linden St. The second water station will be located near the corner of Big Springs Road and E. Campus Dr. The race will end at the same place as the start line. Overall, the course has three good up-hills with varying inclines and three equally good down-hills.

Main Streets Used During The Race (In Order From Left to Right)

West Campus Dr. - University Ave. - Canyon Crest Dr. - Linden St. - Valencia Hill Dr. - Big Springs Rd. - East Campus Dr. - Eucalyptus Dr. - Citrus - East Campus Dr. down-hills.

Mile Markers

Mile one and two will be marked and a sign will be out to notify participants. The 1-Mile marker is right after Aberdeen Dr. The 2-Mile marker is on Big Springs Rd., just before E. Campus Dr.

Water Stations

There will be three Water Stations available on Race Day. The will be one water station located near the Glen Mor Fields, another water station located near the Science Library, and the last water station will be located at the Finish Line.

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