16th annual

Spirit of the Tribes 5K



November 14-20, 2021


Welcome to the official Spirit of the Tribes 5K website. Embrace the Spirit!


The 16th Annual Spirit of the Tribes 5K

November 14-20, 2021 ⊕ UC Riverside

The Annual Spirit of the Tribes 5K is hosted by Native American Student Programs office of the University of California Riverside and honors the Native American spirit and culture with a Saturday morning full of fun and exercise for students, family, and friends. We would look forward to inviting everyone to come out and enjoy this fundraising event for UC Riverside student scholarships.  

As we continue to navigate through this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and slowly begin to transition back to campus, UCR is following all safety guidelines to protect our Highlander community.   

 Therefore, we have decided to host the 2nd Virtual, 16th Annual Spirit of the Tribes 5K this year! We once again invite you to join us from your neck of the woods this year to get some fresh air, get the heart rate pumping, and log those miles! There are some changes from our previously held Spirit of the Tribes 5K so please read carefully to be fully informed.  


Race Day Countdown









A Virtual 5K! Something For Everyone!

Firstly, this year Spirit of the Tribes Virtual 5K will be FREE to register! DONATIONS will gladly be accepted. Please visit the following link to Donate, scroll down and select the Native American Student Programs Scholarship Fund. Select the amount you wish to donate and Add to Basket. 

Next, as we recognize the importance of physical activity and being flexible during these times, we’ve expanded this one-day event for the week of November 14 – 20, 2021. During this time, you may participate and submit your activity via a provided survey link with a screenshot of a Fitness Tracker App (Strava, Samsung Health, etc…) of the activity logged for the day.  

In order to successfully participate and receive your Spirit of the Tribes Swag Bag, you must use a Fitness Tracker App to complete a minimum distance of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). Only submissions with screenshots of the Fitness Tracker App that displays your distance and time will be accepted. This is to keep it consistent, fair, and transparent for all participants. See Example below for reference. 


Registration Now Available!

When you register you will need to designate if you are registering as a Runner or a Walker. We have removed the Team option this year, but will bring it back once we are able to host in person again. This cannot be changed once you’ve registered.  

 Should I register as a Runner or Walker? 

“Runners” – You are going for speed. You aim to run a complete 5K and submit for fastest time.  

“Walkers” – You are going the distance. You are going at your own pace, whether a tortoise or a hare, the objective is to travel a minimum of 5K (3.1 Miles) by the end of the week, just half a mile a day (basically the distance from Lot 30 to Costo Hall one way!)   




You will need to complete the entire 5K/3.1Mi. in one single outing. You will submit your screenshot with your time and distance along with other vital information via a survey link. As this is open all week long, if you decide to run multiple times, we will accept multiple submissions; your fastest time in one outing will be used.  


Individual walkers will need to complete a minimum of 5K/3.1Mi. and submit a screenshot with your time and distance along with other vital information via a provided survey link. We would encourage you to complete the entire 5K/3.1Mi. in one outing, however this category was intended to be more flexible and at a relaxed pace. We also encourage you to do more than the 3.1Mi. 

Screenshot Example

You can use your preferred Fitness Tracker App as long as it shows: Date, Distance, and Time.


Donate Today!

The Spirit of the Tribes 5K is a fundraising event for UC Riverside student scholarships. DONATIONS will gladly be accepted. Please visit the following link to Donate and scroll down and select Native American Student Programs Scholarship Fund. Select the amount you wish to donate and Add to Basket.


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